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Secure Development Frameworks

This post lists some secure development frameworks. Secure Development Frameworks List of Secure Development Frameworks: Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) OWASP Security Knowledge Framework (OWASP-SKF) SEI CERT Coding Standards Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) SSDF is issued by NIST. OWASP Security Knowledge Framework (OWASP-SKF) OWASP Security Knowledge Framework (OWASP-SKF) is issued by OWASP. […]

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Overview of Software Project Management

This post is  related in some ways related with Application Lifecycle Management (APL), DevOps and Continous integration (CI). Steps on Software Project Management Steps: Planning Development Methodology Requirement Specification Design Implementation Testing Follow-up Transition to maintenance Planning Planning is vital to achieve objectives. All activities within a plan should be focused on achieving the desired […]

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How to design a Software Development Environment

When designing a collaborative software development environment where different people are going to work together, we need to set up a system that allow us to ease their work. This post include a list of  functional elements that should be included in a software development environment in order to optimize the outcome of the team. […]

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How to record yourself Presenting a Presentation using OBS Studio

  OBS (Open Broadcast Software) Studio is an application to record. Step-by-step procedure 1. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation Get ready a PowerPoint presentation or similar. 2. Download and install OBS Studio You need to install OBS Studio, in case you have not do it before. Download it from this link. Double click on installer to […]

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List of Software Tracking Applications

There are tools in software development that allow us to track requirements and issues related to an IT system. List of Sofware Tracking Applications Jira Trello Asana Bugzilla Backlog (by Nulab) Trac Microsoft Azure DevOps SAP Focused Build   External References “Eugenio: memorias de un informático“; Roland Durareli (Spanish)

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How to record yourself Presenting a Presentation

List of applications you can use to record yourself while doing a presentation: OBS Studio Loom Nimbus OBS Studio OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open-source desktop application, available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Please check this post about how to record yourself presenting a presentation using OBS Studio. Loom Loom is […]

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How to get a Digital Certificate for Natural Persons in Spain

The Royal Mint of Spain, also known with the acronym FNMT (from the Spanish Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) is a public institution of the state of Spain that, among other tasks, issues digital certificates for natural persons (in Spanish, certificado digital de personas físicas) that are available for all their residents. It is […]

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List of Tools featured in CEH iLabs by Hacking Phases

According to some people that have performed Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Practical exam, they say that most of the scenarios are based on exercises presented on CEH iLabs, that are included in the official CEH iLearn Course. So for CEH Practical exam candidates, it is important to know and handle all tools that are featured […]

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List of SQL injection detection tools

List of SQL injection detection tools IBM Security AppScan Source: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Snort Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner ( w3af ( Burp Suite ( NCC SQuirreL Suite ( N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner ( Fortify WebInspect ( WSSA – Web Site Security Scanning Service ( SolarWinds Log & Event Manager ( […]

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List of SQL Injection Tools

List of SQL Injection Tools for computer: SQL Project Injector sqlmap The Mole jSQL injection Sqlninja DataThief Marathon Tool Tyrant SQL ( SQL Invader ( SQL Brute ( fatcat-sql-injector ( Absinthe ( Blind SQL Injection Brute Forcing Tool ( safe3si ( BBQSQL ( ExploitMyUnion ( ICFsqLi CRAWLER ( Enema ( Sqlsus ( SQL Inject-Me ( […]

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