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Digital Signatures accepted by Public Administrations of Spain

Digital signature types accepted by Public Administrations of Spain: XAdES XAdES-BES XAdES-EPES XAdES-T XAdES-C CAdES PAdES XAdES is used to sign small files (up to 4 MB). CAdES is used to sign big files (more than 4 MB). PAdES is used to check the information of both signature and content. Web portal Valide and @firma work with these signature […]

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Digital Certificates

Digital certificates, also known as public key certificates or identity certificate, . When I explain what a digital certificate to someone without a strong IT background I like to compare it with a seal ring, like the ones used in medieval times of Western countries. These seal rings had two functions: Identify the holder. Because […]

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How to sign a PDF using Digital Certificate for Natural Persons in Spain

There are two methods to sign a PDF using FNMT’s Digital Certificate for Natural Persons: Using Autofirma application Digital sign from Adobe Acrobat   Methods to sign a Digital Certificate Method 1: Using Autofirma application Follow the instructions from this video tutorial.   Step 1: Open Autofirma application Open Autofirma application. If you have not […]

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Self-signed Certificates

Self-signed certificates are widely used for testing purposes. In self-signed certificates, user creates a pair of public and private keys using a certificate creation tool and signs the document with the public key. The receiver requests the sender for the private key to verify the certificate. However, the certificate verification rarely occurs due to necessity […]

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Install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu Linux

I installed in on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Please follow the instructions below. 1. Add PlayOnLinux repository: Open the Ubuntu Software Centre > Edit > Software Sources > Other Software > Add. In APT line, type the following (replace “precise” with your distro, e.g. “lucid”, if you have an earlier version): deb precise main Press […]

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