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List of VPN Protocols

This post summarizes the most common VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols: PPTP L2TP SSH OpenVPN IPsec External references “CISSP 9th Edition”, Chapter 12

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IPv4 Address An IPv4 address represent a single device in an IP network. IPv4 addresses consist of 32 bits. Example: 11000110001100110110010000000000 These 32 bits are usually divided in 4 octets, and separated with a dot. Example: 11000110.00110011.01100100.00000000 In order to become more familiar for human, they are usually represented using decimal notation. Example:   […]

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Types of Clouds

Private Cloud: A private cloud, also known as internal or corporate cloud, is a cloud infrastructure that a single organization operates solely. The organization can implement the private cloud within a corporate firewall. Organizations deploy private cloud infrastructures to retain full control over corporate data. Public Cloud: In this model, the provider makes services such […]

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Encryption Concepts for IT

This post tries to summarize the basic concepts of cryptography and encryption that are relevant to information technologies, computer science and cybersecurity. It tries to focus on the basic concepts. Technical details about mathematics, calculations or implementations (like encryption algorithms or digital certificate distribution) have been left for different posts.   Definitions and objectives of […]

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Firewall Architectures

Types of network segments According to its privacy, there are different types of network segments: Public networks Internet Private networks Extranet Intranet The internet is publicly available for any user. An intranet hosts information privately only for users within an organization. The services are placed on internal servers. An extranet is a cross between the […]

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