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How to sign a PDF using Digital Certificate for Natural Persons in Spain

There are two methods to sign a PDF using FNMT’s Digital Certificate for Natural Persons: Using Autofirma application Digital sign from Adobe Acrobat   Methods to sign a Digital Certificate Method 1: Using Autofirma application Follow the instructions from this video tutorial.   Step 1: Open Autofirma application Open Autofirma application. If you have not […]

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How to print multiple ranges of pages of PDF file on Mac

Mac OS X default printing system does not allow to print multiple ranges of pages of a PDF document, it allows either to print all pages, a single page or a single range. You can open the document with Chrome, and then print from there. The printing option in Chrome is different to the default […]

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How to extract data from Power BI to generate a report

This post is about how to extract data from Power BI to generate a report. So far, I have read of two options. Unfortunately, I have not tested myself none of them. 1. Use DAX Studio tool DAX Studio is available to download from this link   2. Extract to R Another possibility is […]

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How to merge PDFs

Here there are some propositions about how to merge PDF documents. Tools to merge PDFs Online tools PDFMerge! Online tool. Windows There is a limit in Windows to print up to 16 files. If you need to print at the same time more than 16 files, do it in batches. To merge PDFs, use […]

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