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Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)

This post lists some of the main Content Distribution Networks (CDNs). List of Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) List of Content Distributions Networks (CDNs): Cloudflare Akamai Amazon CloudFront CacheFly Lumen CDN   Cloudflare Akamai Amazon CloudFront CacheFly Lumen CDN CDN service was originally offered by Level 3 Communications. Level 3 Communications […]

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Anonymity Networks

This post lists some anonymity networks: Tor / Onionland FreeNet I2P   External references “Anonymity Networks. Don’t use one, use all them!“; Chi Square

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List of VPN Protocols

This post summarizes the most common VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols. VPN protocol VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols: PPTP L2TP SSH OpenVPN IPsec SSTP IKEv2 PPTP Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). L2TP Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is an extension of PPTP. SSH You can use Secure Shell (SSH) to set a VPN over […]

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IPv6 was developed to substitute IPv4, as it was expected to run out of addresses. IPv6 Address An IPv6 uses 128 bits. While IPV4 is represented by decimal numbers, IPv6 uses hexadecimal numbers. There are 8 blocks of hexadecimal numbers, representing each one 16 bits. Each block is separated using colons (:). Example of IPv6 […]

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How to set your Wireless Adapter to Monitor Mode in Linux

Wireless network interface controllers (WNIC’s) can operate in different modes: Managed mode: the only packets that are received in the computer are the one directed to it. Promiscuous mode: it is a listening mode that exists for both wired and wireless adapters. Monitor mode: a listening mode that only exists for wireless adapters. When we […]

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IPv4 Address An IPv4 address represent a single device in an IP network. IPv4 addresses consist of 32 bits. Example: 11000110001100110110010000000000 These 32 bits are usually divided in 4 octets, and separated with a dot. Example: 11000110.00110011.01100100.00000000 In order to become more familiar for human, they are usually represented using decimal notation. Example:   […]

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List of Web Application Firewalls

A Web Application Firewall is also known as WAF. List of web application firewalls: dotDefender ServerDefender VP IBM Security AppScan Radware’s AppWall QualysGuard WAF Barracuda Web Application Firewall ThreatSentry ThreatRadar SecureSphere ModSecurity SteelApp Web App Firewall Trustwave Web Application Firewall Cyberoam’s Web Application Firewall Kerio Control List of web application firewalls dotDefender ServerDefender VP […]

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List of DNS Interrogation Tools

List of DNS interrogation websites: DNSstuff Toolbox DNS Query Utility DIG DNS Lookup Tool DNS Check DomainTools One of the most popular is DIG. List of DNS Interrogation websites DNSstuff Toolbox DNS Query Utility DIG DNS Lookup Tool DNS Check DomainTools

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List of SSH Tunneling Tools

List of SSH Tunneling Tools: Bitvise Secure Pipes   List of SSH Tunneling Tools Bitvise Bitvise SSH Server provides secure remote login capabilities to Windows workstations and servers by encrypting data during transmission. It is ideal for remote administration of Windows servers; for advanced users who wish to access their home machine from work, […]

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List of HTTP Tunneling Tools

Tools: HTTPTunnel Super Network Tunnel HTTPort and HTTHost Tunna Among the most popular, there are HTTPTunnel,  Super Network Tunnel and HTTPort and HTTHost. List of HTTP Tunneling Tools HTTPTunnel Use this technique of tunneling traffic across TCP port 80. HTTPTunnel is a client/server application, the client application is htc, and the server is hts. […]

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