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IT Security Certifications

    General IT Security Probably the most valued of this list are CISSP and CISM. SSCP Issued by (ISC)2. In the PECB ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer course notes, it describes “SSCP” as “for new graduates”.   CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Issued by (ISC)² Requires 5 years of experience. Official link In the […]

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Compliance Management Solutions

Compliance management solutions provide templates, assessment tools and other functionalities to help an organization to meet compliance with some of the most popular standards. This post lists some Compliance Management Solutions.   Popular Compliance Standards List of some popular compliance standards: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) International Standard Organizations (ISO) Standards, like […]

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List of IT Risk Analysis Methodologies

This post summarizes some relevant IT risk analysis methodologies.   IT risk analysis methodologies List of IT risk analysis methodologies: NIST 800-30 ISO 27005 Magerit Mehari OCTAVE Microsoft’s Security Management Guide NIST 800-30 NIST Special Publication 800-30, abbreviated as NIST SP 800-30 or NIST 800-30, whose title is “Guide for Conducting Risk Assessment”, is issued […]

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Magerit IT Risk Analysis Methodology

Magerit, sometimes written as MAGERIT, is a methodology to manage information technology (IT) risk that it is issued and managed by institutions related to the Goverment of Spain. Because of this, this IT risk analysis methodology is recommended to be used on public institutions of Spain and organizations working for these public institutions.   Magerit […]

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Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain

This post lists some cybersecurity conventions or events that are celebrated in Spain. List of Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain, in order of recurrency: RootedCON Sh3llCON JNIC C1b3rWall Securmática Navaja negra STIC CCN-CERT Conferences RootedCON Madrid, Spain. Yearly in March. It is probably the biggest cybersecurity event in Spain.   Sh3llCON […]

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How to fix wrong Time Issue on Windows 11

  How to troubleshoot time issues on Windows 11 Set time service to Automatic Set time service to Automatic (originally it was manual on my computer). Go to Start > services.msc Find “Windows Time” in the list. Right-click on it, and click “Properties”. In tab “General”, go to “Startup type” and select “Automatic” in the […]

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Enterprise IT Security Architecture Framework

List of Enterprise IT Security Architecture Frameworks The most popular are: Zachman Framework SABSA TOGAF COBIT Alternative architectures are: AGATE Integrated Architecture Framwork of Capgemini IDABC MIKI 2.0 SAFF MDA NIH Enterprise Architecture Framework OBASHI Open Security Architecture SOMF MODAF DoDAF FEA Zachman Framework SABSA SABSA stands for Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture. […]

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Endpoint Security

An endpoint, in the context of a computer network, is a remote computing device that communicates back and forth with a network to which it is connected. Examples of endpoints are: Desktop computers Smartphones Servers Internet-of-Things (IoT) / Embedded devices In a more extended definition of endpoint, it may include as well: Virtual machines Applications In […]

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List of Application Security Testing (AST) Solutions

Application Security Testing (AST) is the process of checking an application in order to identify potencial vulnerabilities and set points for security improvements. Types of AST: Static AST (SAST) Dynamic AST (DAST) Interactive AST (IAST)   List of Application Security Testing (AST) Solutions AST Solutions: SonarQube CheckPoint SonarQube OpenSource platform Checkmarx SAST Developed […]

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Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS)

El Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS) es un marco de trabajo promulgado por el Gobierno de España y que establece una serie de medidas relacionadas con la seguridad de la información. El ENS es de obligado cumplimiento para las administraciones públicas españolas a cualquier nivel de ámbito territorial, y también para las entidades y personas […]

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