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IPv6 was developed to substitute IPv4, as it was expected to run out of addresses. IPv6 Address An IPv6 uses 128 bits. While IPV4 is represented by decimal numbers, IPv6 uses hexadecimal numbers. There are 8 blocks of hexadecimal numbers, representing each one 16 bits. Each block is separated using colons (:). Example of IPv6 […]

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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an internet protocol of the OSI Application layer 7. It collects and organizes information about managed devices on IP networks and modifies that information to change device behavior. It is widely used for network management and network monitoring. It provides information about network resources such as cable modems, routers, […]

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List of IoT Security Tools

List of IoT Security Tools DigiCert IoT Security Solution Pulse: IoT Security Platform ( Symantec IoT Security ( darktarce ( Cisco IoT Threat Defense ( Cisco Umbrella ( Google Cloud IoT ( net-Shield ( Noddos ( AWS IoT Device Defender ( Bayshore Industrial Cyber Protection Platform ( Trustwave Endpoint Protection Suite ( NSFOCUS ADS […]

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Firewall Architectures

Types of network segments According to its privacy, there are different types of network segments: Public networks Internet Private networks Extranet Intranet The internet is publicly available for any user. An intranet hosts information privately only for users within an organization. The services are placed on internal servers. An extranet is a cross between the […]

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How to install Internet Explorer 8 on Ubuntu Linux using Wine

You can find the instructions below to run Internet Explorer 8 on Ubuntu Linux. This tutorial avoids using PlayOnLinux. Step-by-step Instructions 1. Install Wine Instructions may vary depending on your Ubuntu Linux version, so I recommend checking the official documentation for Ubuntu: PlayOnLinux used for this program Wine version 1.7.22.   2. Download Internet […]

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