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NetBIOS Enumeration Tools

Some NetBIOS Enumeration tools: nbtstat (Windows) hyena Nsauditor Network Security Auditor NetScanTools Pro SoftPerfect Network Scanner SuperScan NetBIOS Enumerator Nbtscan (Linux) IP Tools MegaPing Two of the most popular are nbstat (Windows) and hyena. List of NetBIOS Enumeration Tools nbtstat (Windows) nbtstat is a Windows command line application that is installed as default. Do […]

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How to call native code from a Java application

      Methods to call a native function Method 1. Use Runtime class Runtime class contains the exec method that allows the application to run an operating system command. An example of how to use this method: String command = “echo \”Hello World!\”"; Runtime.getRuntime().exec(command);   Method 2. Use JNI Java Native Inteface (JNI) is […]

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