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Digital Certificates

Digital certificates, also known as public key certificates or identity certificate, . When I explain what a digital certificate to someone without a strong IT background I like to compare it with a seal ring, like the ones used in medieval times of Western countries. These seal rings had two functions: Identify the holder. Because […]

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How to change Codecs used on a Video File

This post explains how to convert a video file to use different codecs. This can be useful, for example, where a given video player is unable to play a video with a specific codes.   How to check which Codecs are used on a video file Open video file with VLC media player, go to […]

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How to modify Java Compiler Version

  Why would I need to change the Java compiler version? We may tend to think that we should always use the latest version of the Java compiler. However, if the compiler version is newer than the virtual machine version, system will trigger an error when trying to run. So we may want to modify […]

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How to reference a File on a Java Application

When referencing resources in a Java project, as for example photos, sound clips, video, etc., it is important to do it correctly because otherwise we may find errors when executing the application out of the IDE from a JAR file or on a different operating systems. Method getResource on each class allows to retrieve a […]

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How to add an Icon to a Java application

This are the instructions to add an icon the a Java Swing application. Icon is loaded from an image. In order to load this image we make use of File and Buffered Image classes. Icon can be shown in different places, depending on operation system: On a corner of the window bar, like in Windows. […]

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How to crack a WEP Password using aircrack-ng

This tutorial assumes that your operating system is Linux, in any of its variants (Kali Linux, Ubuntu, etc.)   Step-by-step Procedure 1. Ensure aircrack-ng suite is installed in your computer Open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get update Install aircrack-ng suite: sudo apt-get install -y aircrack-ng Install macchanger: sudo apt-get install macchanger   2. Ensure […]

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List of file systems

List of file systems FAT A very old file system, based on 12 or 16 bits. It was replaced in more modern system by FAT32, and eventually by the current filesystems (ext4 for GNU/Linux and macOS X, NTFS for Windows). FAT32 It is probable the most compatible file system of all, readable and writable on […]

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How to print multiple ranges of pages of PDF file on Mac

Mac OS X default printing system does not allow to print multiple ranges of pages of a PDF document, it allows either to print all pages, a single page or a single range. You can open the document with Chrome, and then print from there. The printing option in Chrome is different to the default […]

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How to rip a DVD into a file

  HandBrake HandBrake is available from this link. Download and install if you have not done it before. Open “HandBrake” Select folder of DVD (whether it is in DVD unit or in a downloaded folder) Wait until preview is finished. Click on “Browse” next to “Save as”. Optionally, you can select option in “When done…”. […]

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