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How to get a Digital Certificate for Natural Persons in Spain

The Royal Mint of Spain, also known with the acronym FNMT (from the Spanish Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) is a public institution of the state of Spain that, among other tasks, issues digital certificates for natural persons (in Spanish, certificado digital de personas físicas) that are available for all their residents. It is […]

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How to uninstall Drivers and Certificates related to DNIe cards in Windows

When tackling with the configuration for DNIe card readers, it is possible that you need to undo changes and reset configuration to start from scratch and try a different approach. These are some steps that must be done.   1. Remove certificates related to DNIe from Windows Go to Start, type “certmgr.msc” and click on […]

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How to set up your Computer to start using DNIe cards in Windows

DNIe card (the identity card used by citizens from Spain) contains a chip that allows users to perform administrative operations online. This is a guide of how to install the drivers and software needed to operate with DNIe card. 1. Install the drivers for the card reader It is possible that your computer includes an […]

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