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Secure Development Frameworks

This post lists some secure development frameworks. Secure Development Frameworks List of Secure Development Frameworks: Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) OWASP Security Knowledge Framework (OWASP-SKF) SEI CERT Coding Standards Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) SSDF is issued by NIST. OWASP Security Knowledge Framework (OWASP-SKF) OWASP Security Knowledge Framework (OWASP-SKF) is issued by OWASP. […]

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Code Repositories

Code repositories are applications to store software source code. It adds functionality like control version, team chat, etc. Git is an open source version control system that provides code repositories. As the code is publicly available, it can be implemented by anyone. There are different companies offering Git repositories as a service. This post lists […]

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Linear Barcodes used in Press

Press and magazines usually come with a barcode that is located in the last page or back cover of these publications. This post tries to clarify the use of this barcode. Breakdown of Linear Barcodes used in Press ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a code that identifies a periodical publication. ISSN follows the standard […]

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Cryptographic Modes of Operation

Cryptographic Modes of Operation Electronic Code Book (ECB) Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) Cipher Feedback (CFB) Output Feedback (OFB) Counter (CTR) Galois/Counter (GCM) Counter with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code (CCM)   External Resources  ”CISSP Official Study Guide Ninth Edition”, Mike Chaple, James Michael Stewart, Darril Gibson; Sybex; 2021; Chapters 6 “Cryptography and Symmetric Key […]

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How to design a Software Development Environment

When designing a collaborative software development environment where different people are going to work together, we need to set up a system that allow us to ease their work. This post include a list of  functional elements that should be included in a software development environment in order to optimize the outcome of the team. […]

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List of Code Version Control Systems

  Source Code Management (SCM). List of Code Version Control System List of Code Version Control Systems: Git Subversion (SVN) Concurrent Version System (CVS) Azure DevOps Server Mercurial Git Subversion (SVN) By Apache. Concurrent Version System (CVS) Azure DevOps Server Formerly known as Team Foundation Server (TFS). By Microsoft. Mercurial […]

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Encryption Algorithms

    Symmetric Key Cryptographic Systems Data Encryption Standard (DES) Triple DES (3DES) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Rivest Ciphers (RC) family RC4 RC5 RC6 Blowfish Twofish International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA) Skipjack CAST family CAST-128 CAST-256 Serpent Camellia Kuznyechik Asymmetric Key Cryptographic Systems Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) Merkle-Hellman Knapsack Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Diffie-Hellman ElGamal […]

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Software Publisher Certificate Code Signing on Windows–spc-

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How to get the transaction code of a program and vice versa in SAP

When an error has been detected in a SAP system, or you need to track how an error reported by a user has been triggered, it is very useful to know how to get the program linked to a transaction code and the other way round. This post is about how to perform both operations: […]

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