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Accounting Standards by country

ICAEW offers an specification of accounting standards, codes, etc., are listed by country.   Santander Bank provides information about investing in another country, including which are the accounting standards.

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SAP Demos

  SAP Demo Store   Try SAP HANA  

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Getting access to free courses in SAP Learning Hub

Since January 2014, there are free SAP Learning Hub courses available, as explained in this blog posts: In order to access SAP Learning Hub, you need a Learning Hub account. In case you don’t have one, you can get one limited account for free (Discovery Account) on this address: (you can find more […]

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How to find the id related to the view you are displaying in SAP

How to find the id related to the view you are displaying in SAP Maybe you have found a view screen while browsing through the customization options (transaction SPRO), and you want to know id for the view that is related to it.   To do this, go to Menu Bar > Utilities > Change […]

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List of Official Documentation for SAP ABAP Certification

This is the list of the material I used for the certification:   SAP01: SAP Overview. Volume I SAPTEC: Fundamentals of the SAP Web Application Server TAW10_1: ABAP Workbench Fundamentals (Part I) TAW10_2: ABAP Workbench Fundamentals (Part II) TAW10_3: ABAP Workbench Fundamentals (Part III) TAW12_1: ABAP Workbench Concepts (Part I) TAW12_2: ABAP Workbench Concepts (Part […]

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How to access Whatsapp using Pidgin Instant Messenger

Whatsapp is a propietary software that uses the protocol XMPP to exchange messages. On the other hand, Pidgin is a multi-protocol instant messenger that can implement simultaneously different instant messenger services from different providers (Outlook, GTalk, ICQ, etc.). It is possible to configure Pidgin to implement the Whatsapp account. However, it is not an automatic […]

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List of standard SAP Study Materials

Here it is a list of standard SAP Study Materials related to FICO.   Financial AC010 Financial Accounting and Reporting (Col33) AC010 Financial Accounting and Reporting (Col62) AC050 Business Processes in Fin & Mgmt Acct w new GL (Col62) AC200 Accounting Customizing I: GL; AR and AP (Col62) AC201 Periodic Processing in Accts Rec & […]

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How to access a remote SAP ECC System from another SAP System

It is possible to access a remote SAP system as an user from another SAP system, in the same way as we can check the transport order status of remote systems. This has to be checked when managing roles and transaction acceses, and this could be a possible a weak spot in the security. The […]

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How to display Plan Line Items in report CJI4 (SAP PS)

A common issue of people implementing Project System Planning functionality is that they cannot find the project plan line items in report CJI4. This post is about how to get it. There are two options to achieve this:   1) By activating Integrated Planning The steps are covered in the post “How to activate Integrated […]

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How to activate Integrated Planning in SAP PS

Integrated Planning is an SAP functionality when activated it transfers plan data from the Cost Center Accounting component (CO-OM-CCA) or the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC) to other components (such as the Special Purpose Ledger or the Profit Center Accounting component), and writes line items for each change in the plan data.   To activate Integrated […]

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