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List of Session Hijacking Tools

List of session hijacking tools: Burp Suite OWASP ZAP BetterCAP netool toolkit WebSploit Framework sslstrip JHijack Ettercap Cookie Cadger CookieCatcher hamster   List of session hijacking tools Burp Suite Ettercap Ettercap: Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for man in the middle attacks. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly […]

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List of types of Identity Theft

Social identity theft Insurance identity theft Criminal identity theft Synthetic identity theft … (missing) Insurance Identity Theft Insurance identity theft is a type of identity theft that is closely related to the medical identity theft. When performing an insurance identity theft, a perpetrator unlawfully takes the victim’s medical information to access his insurance for a […]

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List of Dos/DDoS Protection Tools

List of Dos/DDoS Protection Tools Incapsula DDoS Protection Anti DDoS Guardian DDoS-GUARD Cloudflare DOSarrest’s DDoS protection service DefensePro F5 DDoSDefend ( NetFlow Analyzer ( Wireshark ( NetScaler AppFirewall ( Andrisoft Wanguard ( SDL Regex Fuzzer   List DDoS Protection tools Incapsula DDoS Protection Anti DDoS Guardian DDoS-GUARD Cloudflare DOSarrest’s DDoS protection […]

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List of DoS/DDos Attack Tools

List of DoS/DDos attack tools: High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIO) Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIO) HULK Metasploit Nmap Blackhat Hacking Tools DAVOSET Tsunami R-U-Dead-Yet UDP Flooder DLR_DoS Moihack Port-Flooder DDOSIM BanglaDos Pandora DDoS Dereil List of DoS/DDoS Attack Tools High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIO) Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIO) HULK Metasploit […]

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Cisco Switch commands

You can use the following Cisco port security feature to defend against MAC attacks. Examples switchport port-securityEnables port security on the interface. switchport port-security maximum 1 vlan accessSets the maximum number of secure MAC addresses for the interface. The range is 1 to 3072. The default is 1. switchport port-security violation restrictSets the violation mode, […]

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List of Sniffing Tools

List of sniffing tools: WireShark SteelCentral Packet Analyzer Source Capsa Network Analyzer OmniPeek Observer Analyzer PRTG Network Monitor Colasoft Packet Builder RSA NetWitness Investigator tcpdump NetFlow Analyzer CommView NetResident ntopng SmartSniff Free Network Analyzer CSniffer EtherApe Network Probe WebSiteSniffer Kismet Ettercap Alchemy Eye BetterCAP Nast IPgrab NetStumbler EffeTech HTTP Sniffer SniffPass netsniff-ng toolkit Ace Password […]

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Auditpol command on Windows

Auditpol.exe is the command-line utility tool to change Audit Security settings at the category and sub-category levels. Attackers can use AuditPol to enable or disable security auditing on local or remote systems and to adjust the audit criteria for different categories of security events. The attacker would establish a null session to the target machine […]

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List of NTFS Stream Detectors

List of NTFS Stream Detectors: Stream Armor Stream Detector Forensic Toolkit ADS Manager ADS Scanner ADS Spy

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List of Rootkits

This is a non-exhaustive list of rootkits available in the market: Horse Pill Grayfish Windows kernel rootkit Sirefef Necurs WingBird Rootkit Avatar Azazel ZeroAccess Alureon List of Rootkits Horse Pill Linux kernel rootkit. Grayfish Windows kernel rootkit Sirefef Necurs WingBird Rootkit It is backdoor that appears to be a version of commercial software FinFisher. […]

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Tools for Executing Applications Remotely

Remote PDQ Deploy Dameware Remote Support ManageEngine Desktop Central PsExec TheFatRat

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