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How to align Decimal Formatting in Windows and SAP

Sometimes it is required that local applications in Windows (i.e., Excel) and SAP client use the same decimal formatting (for example, either dot or comma). Following these steps we will get to align both system, and avoid decimal conversion processes: Check Windows Regional OptionsWindows configuration can be changed / displayed in the following path (Windows […]

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How to retrieve long texts from SAP

There are some field that corresponds to long texts and that are stored in SAP. When developing our programs, we may need to extract this information from database, but we will find that these tables do not exist. 1) In the Display Long Text screen, choose Menu > Goto > Header. Keep the information that […]

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How to kill a process in SAP R/3

Get a username and password First, you need to obtain a SAP user. This user is provided to people who obtained a certification, or who are SAP Partners. Logon with username and password Follow this link: Click on log in and enter your username and password. Enter on “SAP Support Portal” Then click on […]

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How to import mail from Outlook to Thunderbird

I have come out to the need to recover some e-mails that were stored in a .pst file (easily read by Outlook, more difficulty imported to other mail client), so I needed to learn how to import mail from Outlook (2010) to Thunderbird (17). Ensure that Outlook is already displaying the e-mails from .pst file. […]

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How to check Outlook Web mail from Mozilla Thunderbird

Some users prefer to use a desktop e-mail client (like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird) instead of webmail applications (like Gmail or Outlook web), but sometimes the decision is not in their hands. This would be the case of those employees who were asked to replace the Outlook mail client with Outlook Web mail. However, there […]

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How to change the colour scheme of SAP GUI screens

A common mistake for SAP users who work with multiple environments (e.g. Development, Testing and Productive) is to be working on a system that is not the intended. This can make us spoil our time when the displayed information is not the expected and you don’t realise that you are not in the correct system. […]

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How are amounts stored in SAP

There are some currencies (like the defunct pesetas or the Colombian peso) that can’t be divided into decimals, because there are no coins or notes of a value smaller than an unit. SAP stores how many decimals are used for each currency in its master tables. For example, two decimals are used for dollars, pounds […]

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How to create a Gantt chart in Excel 2007

Today I had to spend a several minutes just to find a proper tutorial about how to create a Gantt chart in Excel 2007 (most of them concerned only previous versions). When I found Microsoft’s official instructions, it turned out that they where incomplete and incorrect at some point. This video tutorial was the best […]

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How to get the transaction code of a program and vice versa in SAP

When an error has been detected in a SAP system, or you need to track how an error reported by a user has been triggered, it is very useful to know how to get the program linked to a transaction code and the other way round. This post is about how to perform both operations: […]

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How to install Citrix ICA Client on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)

About a year ago, I had to install a Citrix ICA Client to connect to a SAP system from my home laptop. I searched on the internet to find a simple tutorial to explain how to run it under Ubuntu, and fortunately I found this one. Some steps differed a little, and I found some […]

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