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How to solve Windows Update Issues on Windows 10

This post lists possible solutions when getting errors when executing Windows Updates on Windows 10. The usual way to update Windows 10 is go to Start > Windows Update. We assume this is the way you are doing it normally and it does not work. Possible solutions: Update computer drivers Run diagnostic tool by computer […]

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How to modify Disk Partitions in Windows 10

  1. Use DiskPart Utility Go to command line and type diskpart. Type this command to list all disks in computer: list disk If you want to check info about a disk (for example, disk 1), type these commands: select disk 1 detail disk   2. Run Disk Management Utility Go to Start and type […]

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How to trim Videos on Windows 10

  Photos app is installed as default on Windows 10. You can use this app to trim videos. Steps Open video in Windows 10 with Photos app. Usually it is the default app to open videos, so you can just double-click it. Click on “Edit” icon (pencil icon) on the bottom right hand side. Select […]

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How to modify Windows Firewall Configuration from Command Prompt

There are some situtations in which you need to modify Windows firewall configuration and you have only command-line access. In these cases, you can make use of the command netsh Command Prompt. netsh is available from Windows 2000 and above. Examples Command to display the status of the firewall of the machine: netsh firewall show […]

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Auditpol command on Windows

Auditpol.exe is the command-line utility tool to change Audit Security settings at the category and sub-category levels. Attackers can use AuditPol to enable or disable security auditing on local or remote systems and to adjust the audit criteria for different categories of security events. The attacker would establish a null session to the target machine […]

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List of NTFS Stream Detectors

List of NTFS Stream Detectors: Stream Armor Stream Detector Forensic Toolkit ADS Manager ADS Scanner ADS Spy

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Reinstall Windows XP on Dell Latitude D505

This post details the steps to reinstall Windows XP on a Dell Latitude D505. Dell Latitute D505 was a laptop from 2004. Its default operating system was Windows XP.   Installation Steps 1. Get a bootable unit with Windows XP installer You can use the original Windows XP CD, as this laptop has a CD-ROM […]

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List of file systems

List of file systems FAT A very old file system, based on 12 or 16 bits. It was replaced in more modern system by FAT32, and eventually by the current filesystems (ext4 for GNU/Linux and macOS X, NTFS for Windows). FAT32 It is probable the most compatible file system of all, readable and writable on […]

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How to install Windows XP

Disclaimer about Windows XP Windows XP is an operating system that is lacking official support from Microsoft since April 8, 2014. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE THIS OPERATING SYSTEM ANYMORE. There are multiple known vulnerabilities that exposes your computer to security threads and viruses. You are not only posing yourself to a risk, but […]

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How To Restore USB Drive Back To Original Full Capacity in Windows 10

Step-by-step Instructions 1. Run DiskPart Go to Start > Run command or press Windows + R. Type diskpart and press Enter 2. Select disk Type: DISKPART> list disk Identify the disk that corresponds to the USB. Be sure it is the one. We assume on this post that the correct disk is X. Then type: […]

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