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List of Android Hacking Tools

List of Android Hacking Tools NetCut zANTI Network Spoofer DroidSheep LOIC ORBOT List of Android Hacking Tools NetCut NetCut is a Wi-Fi killing application that allows the attackers in a network to identify the target devices and block the access of Wi-Fi to the victim’s devices in a network. zANTI Network Spoofer Hacking […]

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List of Android Device Tracking Tools

List of Android Device Tracking Tools: Find My Phone Where’s My Droid Prey Anti-Theft: Find My Android and Mobile Security ( iHound ( Mobile Tracker for Android ( Tech Expert ( GadgetTrak Mobile Security ( My Device ( Lost Android ( Among the most popular there is Find My Phone and Where’s My Droid. Find […]

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List of Android Security Tools

List of Android Security Tools: Find My Device Source Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Avira Antivirus Security Avast Antivirus & Security ( McAfee Mobile Security & Lock ( Lookout Security & Antivirus ( Sophos Mobile Security ( Malwarebytes for Android ( AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android Security 2017 ( TrustGo Mobile Security ( 360 Security -Free Antivirus,Booster,Space […]

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List of Trojans

List of Android Trojans: BankBot (Android/Spy.Banker.LA) Spydealer Android/Trojan.AsiaHitGroup GhostCtrl malware Triada AndroRAT ZitMo (ZeuS-in-the-Mobile) FakeToken TRAMP.A Fakedefender Obad FakeInst OpFake Dendroid Some of the most popular are BankBot and Spydealer.

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List of Android rooting Tools

List of Android routing Tools: Framaroot KingoRoot TunesGo One Click Root Unrevoked MTK Droid Superboot Superuser X [Root] Root Uninstaller Root Browser File Manager Titanium Backup Root One of the most popular are KingoRoot, TunesGo and One Click Root.   List of Android routing Tools Framaroot KingoRoot TunesGo One Click Root […]

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How to de-Google an Android-based OS

Android is one of the most popular operating system for smartphones. Though it is available for free and it is an open source project, it is commercially sponsored by Google, LLC. and it contains pre-installed proprietary software own by this company, mainly Google Mobile Services (GMS). GMS contains, among other software: Google app Google Chrome […]

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Auditpol command on Windows

Auditpol.exe is the command-line utility tool to change Audit Security settings at the category and sub-category levels. Attackers can use AuditPol to enable or disable security auditing on local or remote systems and to adjust the audit criteria for different categories of security events. The attacker would establish a null session to the target machine […]

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List of NTFS Stream Detectors

List of NTFS Stream Detectors: Stream Armor Stream Detector Forensic Toolkit ADS Manager ADS Scanner ADS Spy

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Tools for Executing Applications Remotely

Remote PDQ Deploy Dameware Remote Support ManageEngine Desktop Central PsExec TheFatRat

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hping3 Syntax

hping commands for scanning methods ICMP ping hping3 -1 Hping performs an ICMP ping scan by specifying the argument -1 on the command line. You may use –ICMP of -1 argument in the command line. By issuing the above command, hping sends ICMP-echo request to and receives ICMP-reply, the same as with a […]

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