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Free UML Tools for Mac OS X

List of free UML tools for Mac OS X below:   Visual Paradigm CE (Community Edition) By Visual Paradigm   yEd By yWorks  

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How to write to NTFS drives on a Mac for free

Read the article below, and follow the instructions to make FUSE working on your computer: An alternative is Mounty for NTFS:

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How to modify DoxBox.conf file in Mac

1. Go to “Home” folder Open Finder and go to menu bar > “Go” > “Home”. 2. Display hidden files Press Cmd + Shift + . inside the folder in order to display hidden files and folders 3. Go to the path where dosbox.conf is located This path is informed in DosBox.conf documentation: As […]

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How to set up Headless Chrome on Mac

Headless Chrome is a tool to run Chrome web browser without UI. It is inspired in now defunct PhantomJS project. Headless Chrome is always run in command-line mode. It is limited as all the instructions must be set in the same line, so if we need to add some programming to Headless Chrome we need […]

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How to run Mini vMac classic MacOS Emulator

I only got to install it on Ubuntu, as for any reason in MacOS X it never finds “vMac.ROM” file inside the same folder.   Installing and configuring Mini vMac 1. Download latest version from official link 2. Expand archived file 2. Download ROM file “vmac.rom” from this link 3. Place “vmac.rom” in the […]

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List of classic MacOS Emulators

Before the current OS for Apple systems (MacOS X), there were earliest OS versions that were simply know as MacOS. MacOS and MacOS X are not that compatible, so if you need to run old MacOS programs or files then you need an MacOS emulator.   This is an extensive list of my known Macintosh […]

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