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List of file systems

List of file systems FAT A very old file system, based on 12 or 16 bits. It was replaced in more modern system by FAT32, and eventually by the current filesystems (ext4 for GNU/Linux and macOS X, NTFS for Windows). FAT32 It is probable the most compatible file system of all, readable and writable on […]

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Free UML Tools for Mac OS X

List of free UML tools for Mac OS X below:   Visual Paradigm CE (Community Edition) By Visual Paradigm   yEd By yWorks  

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How to write to NTFS drives on a Mac for free

Read the article below, and follow the instructions to make FUSE working on your computer: An alternative is Mounty for NTFS:

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List of classic MacOS Emulators

Before the current OS for Apple systems (MacOS X), there were earliest OS versions that were simply know as MacOS. MacOS and MacOS X are not that compatible, so if you need to run old MacOS programs or files then you need an MacOS emulator.   This is an extensive list of my known Macintosh […]

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