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How to automate Keyboard and Mouse repetitive Tasks in MacOS X

There are two tools very useful for this: Automator MacroRecorder   Automator This is very powerful, but quite difficult to use especially at the beginning. It is install by default on Mac. You can find this tutorial about how to record a workflow, and this other about how to play with variables. MacroRecorder Easier to […]

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How to check from command line if your user has admin rights

Linux Using sudo command You can run a command like this: timeout 2 sudo id && echo Access granted || echo Access denied Mac OS X Using sudo command You can use the same timeout command on Mac, but you need to install coreutils. To install coreutils using brew: brew install coreutils You might be […]

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List of file systems

List of file systems FAT A very old file system, based on 12 or 16 bits. It was replaced in more modern system by FAT32, and eventually by the current filesystems (ext4 for GNU/Linux and macOS X, NTFS for Windows). FAT32 It is probable the most compatible file system of all, readable and writable on […]

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How to print multiple ranges of pages of PDF file on Mac

Mac OS X default printing system does not allow to print multiple ranges of pages of a PDF document, it allows either to print all pages, a single page or a single range. You can open the document with Chrome, and then print from there. The printing option in Chrome is different to the default […]

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How to install adb on MacOS X

adb stands for Android Debug Bridge. There are two ways to install adb on MacOS X: Download zip, as explained below This is the easiest way and will provide automatic updates. Install homebrew ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL” Install adb brew cask install android-platform-tools Start using adb adb devices

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Free UML Tools for Mac OS X

List of free UML tools for Mac OS X below:   Visual Paradigm CE (Community Edition) By Visual Paradigm   yEd By yWorks  

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How to write to NTFS drives on a Mac for free

Read the article below, and follow the instructions to make FUSE working on your computer: An alternative is Mounty for NTFS:

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How to modify DoxBox.conf file in Mac

DosBox is an MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) OS emulator. DosBox is configured based on parameters located in a file that is called DoxBox.conf, regardless the operating system. This post describes how to locate and modify configuration file DoxBox.conf in a macOS X system. Steps to modify DosBox.conf file in macOS 1. Go to “Home” […]

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How to set up Headless Chrome on Mac

Headless Chrome is a tool to run Chrome web browser without UI. It is inspired in now defunct PhantomJS project. Headless Chrome is always run in command-line mode. It is limited as all the instructions must be set in the same line, so if we need to add some programming to Headless Chrome we need […]

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How to run Mini vMac classic MacOS Emulator

I only got to install it on Ubuntu, as for any reason in MacOS X it never finds “vMac.ROM” file inside the same folder.   Installing and configuring Mini vMac 1. Download latest version from official link 2. Expand archived file 2. Download ROM file “vmac.rom” from this link 3. Place “vmac.rom” in the […]

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