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Data Centers

A data processing center (DPC) or data center is a building, a dedicated space within a building, or a group of buildings used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. Data center certifications ANSI TIA-942 is a certification issued by ANSI. You can find more information about this certification […]

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How to determine the Version of a USB Stick

  Identify USB Stick Version visually Coming to USB 3.0 pen drives, you’ll see a prominent difference from the USB 2.0 and older drives, with USB 3.0, USB-SS or USB Super Speed usually written on the pen drives. As a general rule, can identify USB stick version visually. Have a look at the inner part […]

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DVD Player Norauto NS-16309HIR

NS-16309HIR, NS-VID 16309 or Norauto Sound NS-16309HIR is a DVD player that is sold in Norauto car repair shop, that is a popular chain store set in many European countries and Argentina and that belongs to the French group Mobivia. The only recognizable brand that is associated to the device is Norauto; there is no […]

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Hardware Security Module (HSM)

A hardware security module (HSM) is a physical device that provides extra security for sensitive data. It is a removable or external device that can generate, store, and manage RSA keys used in asymmetric encryption A trusted platform module (TPM) is used on newer personal computers and that are used to A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is […]

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How to fix an unreadable USB Flash Drive on Ubuntu

Sometimes USB memory sticks just become unreadable, probably because we have remove it from the port before unmount it or because we had to force to stop a process that was operating with it. In any case, we would like to fix our USB to avoid loosing a valuable storage device. Some OS, like Windows […]

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USB Diagnostic Tools

EventGhost   MUTT (Microsoft USB Test Tool)–mutt–devices   List of USB test tools recommended by Microsoft   USB Event Tracing for Windows

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Internal Computer bus interfaces

There has been different through the history of computer science. Here there are the most populars in the market.   Parallel ATA (PATA) Designed in 1986, it evolved from Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE).   Serial ATA (SATA) Created in 2000, it replaced PATA.   Source:  

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