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How to upload Planning to Cost Center from Excel in SAP

KP34 => Planning Profile KP65 => Report Painter > Layout KP06 => Upload file Source:

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Introduction to SAP POS DM module

POS stands from Point of Sales. Due to their extended explotation in Retail industry they are closely related to this area. SAP for Retail solution portfolio supports SAP Point-of-Sales Data Management (POS DM) solution. SAP POS Data Management improves decision making at all levels by gathering facts and figures from your retail outlets and making them […]

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How to delete a Project Definition in SAP

Go to to transaction CJ02, enter Project Definition and press SHIFT + F1 or click on “Project Definition” button. Then go to Menu Bar > Edit > Object > Delete, or press SHIFT + F2. Click “Yes” on the displayed dialog to confirm deletion.

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SAP Hybris Resources

SAP Hybris official webpage SAP Hybris Help Page SAP Hybris Wiki Page

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How to get Company Codes linked to Profit Centers in SAP ECC

(this post is written in Spanish while waiting for translation)   Detallo a continuación cómo se establece el enlace entre un Centro de Beneficio y sus Sociedades FI. Es necesario seguir los siguientes pasos:   Obtener código de objeto del CeBe  La tabla maestra de CeBes es la CEPC.   Comprobar si el proyecto está […]

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How to assign a transaction code to a QuickViewer query (SQVI) in SAP ECC

1. Go to SQVI t code and enter your query name and press enter 2. In the menu path select Quick view–> additional functions–>Generate Program 3. After Generating the program In the menu path select Quick view–> additional functions–>Display report Name 4. Now in se38 enter the report name in Program field and execute 5. […]

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Mass Maintenance Tool in SAP ERP

Transactions for Mass Maintenance Tool are MASS and MASSD. It supports only a set of SAP ECC objects, not all of them. For example, no CO-OM objects are supported, only Profit Centers form EC-PCA.

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How to edit tables in SAP ECC

We may be in a situation in which we need to edit fastly an SAP ECC table and we find view functionality too limited. There are workarounds to edit SAP tables directly. Note: it is not recommended at all to edit standard tables, as this may cause system inconsistencies. Even when you edit custom table, do this […]

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How to submit your own ideas and suggestions to SAP

SAP has opened a new portal called SAP Idea Place, in which SAP users and developers can submit their own ideas to the company in order to enhance their solutions. Here it is the link:

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How to perform a system trace in SAP ECC

Performing a system trace in SAP means to run a program and log all the dynpros/screens we are visiting and the fields we are clicking or typing. This task is done automatically when creating a recording in transaction LSMW. You can find this functionality in ST01. Sources: System Trace at SAP Help

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