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How to enable or disable Audio Enhancements in Windows 11

Some Windows 11 sound issues are solved by disabling the setting “Audio Enhancement”. This post explains how to enable/disable Sound Enhancements in Windows 11. How to enable or disable Sound Enhancements in Windows 11 In Windows 11, go to System > Sound. Click the audio output device, and then go to “Properties”. Toggle on or […]

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Music Streaming Services

  List of music streaming services Music streaming service apps featured in this post: Spotify Tidal Deezer HDTracks Qobuz Apple Music Amazon Music Spotify Tidal Deezer Qobuz HDTracks Apple Music Amazon Music

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How to convert a standard Ubuntu Computer into an audio Studio

This post is about how to convert a computer with vanilla Ubuntu OS installed into a FOSS DAW. The steps will be quite similar for other GNU/Linux distributions, but extra steps may be needed, for example, to allow JACK working on real-time. Ubuntu 21.10 is the version tested. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is a device […]

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