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List of Application Security Testing (AST) Solutions

Application Security Testing (AST) is the process of checking an application in order to identify potencial vulnerabilities and set points for security improvements. Types of AST: Static AST (SAST) Dynamic AST (DAST) Interactive AST (IAST)   List of Application Security Testing (AST) Solutions AST Solutions: SonarQube CheckPoint SonarQube OpenSource platform Checkmarx SAST Developed […]

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Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS)

El Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS) es un marco de trabajo promulgado por el Gobierno de España y que establece una serie de medidas relacionadas con la seguridad de la información. El ENS es de obligado cumplimiento para las administraciones públicas españolas a cualquier nivel de ámbito territorial, y también para las entidades y personas […]

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Data Roles

This post summarizes the roles involved in managing data in IT systems, according to USA’s NIST SP 800-18 Rev. 1 “Guide for Developing Security Plans for Federal Information Systems” or European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This data roles are questioned in CISSP exam, corresponding to CISSP Domain 2.   Data Roles The roles […]

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Code Repositories

Code repositories are applications to store software source code. It adds functionality like control version, team chat, etc. This post lists some popular solutions for code repositories. List of Code Repositories Code repositories: GitHub SourceForge Bitbucker GitHub Since 2018 is a subsidiary of Microsoft. SourceForge It is free for open source projects. Bitbucker […]

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IaaS Providers

This post lists some popular Insfrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providers. List of IaaS Providers IaaS Providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure Google Computer Engine  

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How to normalize a Database

Please follow this link, where it is very well explained how to normalize a database:   External references “Database Normalization“; Essential SQL; 2021-05-08.

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NoSQL Databases

NoSQL databases refer to any database types that are not relational. Relational database is the most popular database type nowadays. Structure Query Language (SQL) is a language to manage data in a relational database. This is why NoSQL is the term used to referred to non-relational databases. Types of NoSQL Databases Types of NoSQL Databases: […]

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Web Search Engines

This post offers a list of popular web search engines. According to Statcounter, as of 2020 Google dominate search engine market with a 82% in desktop computers and 95% on mobile phones. Some initiatives like the lobby FairSearch try to counteract the Google dominance of the market. In case you are looking for a search […]

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DLL Side-loading Attack

This post explains what is a DLL side-loading attack in the context of IT security.   What is a DLL Side-loading Attack? A Dynamic Linked Library (DLL) is a file that is used on Windows systems to group functions. By using DLLs, common functionality can be isolated and re-usability is enabled. As DLL are particular […]

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How to transfer data from an Android phone to another

This post explains how to transfer data from an Android smartphone to another Android smartphone.   What is the data in a phone that I must backup or transfer? The source of some typical data to be backuped or transfered is: Apps Contacts SMS Photos Messenger service messages (e.g. WhatsApp, Signal) Take into account that […]

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