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Peer-to-peer Lending Companies

Lending Club (USA)    Funding Circle (UK)   Prosper Marketplace (USA)   Zopa (UK)

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Stock Portfolio Managers

List of free online stock portfolio managers through websites or mobile apps. (US) Web: Android app: iOS app: Available on web and mobile app.   MorningStar (US, global) Web: Old interface.   Mi Cartera (ES) Web: Stock Portfolio webapp offered by the economical journal from Spain “Expansión”. Old interface.   […]

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Online Personal Financial Advisors

List of online personal financial advisors and investment plans. Wealthfront (US) Web: Financial advisor. Requires phone number in US. Future Advisor (US) Web: Requires phone number in US. Betterment (US) Web: Requires phone number in the US. Personal Capital Finance (US) Web: Requires phone number in the US. SigFig (US) Web: […]

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Using neobank Revolut account

I have been using Revolut account and this is are my conclusions. Advantages: It allows to top-up balance from credit card and bank transfers Take note that there are top-up limits. Other challenge banks, like N26, only allows bank transfer. It does not charge commissions in purchases with (most) foreign currencies The commissions is never […]

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List of Digital Banking Alternatives

Digital banking alternatives receive many names nowadays, including neobanks and challenging banks. This post lists some relevant digital banking alternatives.   List of Digital Banking Alternatives 2Getherglobal Spain   Atom Bank UK Restricted to UK citizens   Bnext Spain   Bunq Netherlands Available to everybody.   Denizen USA Available to everybody. […]

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How to pay using prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are pay-as-you-go cards whose balance can be charged with cash money or other debit/credit cards. Consumers may prefer to use a prepaid card because of any of these reasons: It does not require a bank or credit account It can be topped up with cash money You can top it up on a […]

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How to make online Payments with Cash

The most usual ways to pay online when buying something on the internet is using a credit card or online money transfer providers (i.e., PayPal, Stripe). The telematic communication makes logical that payments methods are always electronic. However, some companies have developed systems to provide payment with cash for electronic transaction. You can find some […]

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List of Mobile Payment Apps & Services

Mobile OS Developers Android Pay Apple Pay Microsoft Wallet   Phone Manufacturers Mi Pay Huawei Pay Samsung Pay   eCommerce AliPay AmazonPay WeChat Pay Paytm   Phone Operators Orange Cash Vodafone Smart PASS   Banks Santander Wallet BBVA Wallet (many others)

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Socially Responsible Investing in Spain

SRI is the acronym Socially Responsible Investing. It is refered in Spanish as ISR (from the Spanish Inversión Socialmente Responsable). Spainsif is the Foro Español de Inversión Socialmente Responsable, and it publishes an annual report and maintains a catalog of SRI’s: This is a partial list of Ethical Investment Funds: Microbank Fondo Ético FI […]

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Por qué elegir Fiare Banca Ética

A fecha de hoy en España existen solamente dos bancos alternativos calificados como banca ética: Triodos Bank y Fiare Banca Ética. Entendemos por banca ética aquellas entidades que ofrecen productos financieros cuyo objetivo es crear una utilidad de carácter social para el entorno que le rodea, yendo más allá de la búsqueda del beneficio económico […]

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