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I studied Computer Science at University of Salamanca. Since then, I have been working first as developer and then as SAP consutant. This blog is about problems I dealt when using computers, and more important, the solutions I found. Whenever I am on an issue and suddenlly I have a flash that leads me to a solution, I document my discoveries in a post.
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Differences between Risk Analysis and Business Impact Analysis

Risk Management is a process aimed at achieving an optimal balance between realizing opportunities for gain an minimizing vulnerabilities and loss. Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is performed to determine the impact of losing the availability of any resources to an organization. Performing a BIA is part of Risk Management. Risk Assessment is part of Risk […]

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Diferences between Accountability and Responsibility in Audit

Differences: Accountability: Is individual. It is granted according to skill set, rol or strenghts. Responsibility: Can be shared. You can work with a team of people to divide responsibilities. <h2>External references</h2> “Difference between responsibility and accountability in leadership” by Ian Cornett for Eagle’s Flight  

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Differences of expressions “on/behind/ahead of schedule”

Differences of expressions “on/behind/ahead of schedule” “on schedule” is “just in time”. As scheduled. Not too soon nor too late. “behind schedule” is “(too) late” “ahead of schedule” is “too soon (/(too) early)” Examples: “I am sorry Mr. president, we are running behind your schedule.” “The airplane has to take off now, we are already […]

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How to print multiple ranges of pages of PDF file on Mac

Mac OS X default printing system does not allow to print multiple ranges of pages of a PDF document, it allows either to print all pages, a single page or a single range. You can open the document with Chrome, and then print from there. The printing option in Chrome is different to the default […]

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Digital Games Store for PC

This post makes reference to personal computers with Windows, Mac or Linux OS’. List of Digital Games Store for PC Steam Windows, Mac and Linux Epic Games Store Windows and Mac Humble Store Windows, Mac and Linux Fanatical Windows, Mac and Linux

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Firewall Architectures

Firewall Architectures There are these main firewall architectures: Dual-Homed Host Screened Host Screened Subnet They are explained in further detail below. Dual-Homed Host Architecture Screened Host Architecture Screened Subnet Architecture In Screened Subnet Architecture scenario, the firewall(s) separate(s) 3 distinct zones: Internet DMZ a.k.a. screened subnet a.k.a. perimeter network Private network a.k.a. internal network a.k.a. intranet The […]

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How to fix an unreadable USB Flash Drive on Ubuntu

Sometimes USB memory sticks just become unreadable, probably because we have remove it from the port before unmount it or because we had to force to stop a process that was operating with it. In any case. Some OS, like Windows or MacOS X, seem to not react when USB is plugged. This is why […]

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How to get CISM Certification

CISM is a certification issued by ISACA. Frequently Asked Questions What is the work experience required to get CISA certification? The applicant needs to demonstrate at least 5 years of experience in the 10 previous years of application in any of the following areas: Information systems (IS) Auditing IS Control IS Assurance IS Security More […]

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How to get CISA Certification

CISA (Certified in Information System Auditor) is a certification issued by professional association ISACA. The purpose of this post is to explain the procedure for a candidate to get CISA certification, and related requirements. It is important to know two things about CISA Certification: CISA Certification is not obtained just by passing an exam; other […]

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How to prepare CISA Exam

CISA (Certified in Information System Auditor) is a certification issued by professional association ISACA. The purpose of this post is to provide information to future exam candidates about how to pass the exam, based on my own experience. I passed it on the first attempt on May 2020. Frequently Asked Questions about the exam How […]

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