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I studied Computer Science at University of Salamanca. Since then, I have been working first as developer and then as SAP consutant. This blog is about problems I dealt when using computers, and more important, the solutions I found. Whenever I am on an issue and suddenlly I have a flash that leads me to a solution, I document my discoveries in a post.
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How to record yourself Presenting a Presentation

Use free and open-source software OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software). External References “How to Record Yourself Presenting a Powerpoint Presentation”

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How to prepare CISSP Exam

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is a certification granted by the organization ISC2 (International Information System Security Certification Consortium). This post explains how you can prepare. To find more information about the CISSP certification itself, please check the main post. Frequently Asked Questions (FA) about the exam How long do I need to prepare […]

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Digital Certificates

Digital certificates, also known as public key certificates or identity certificate, . When I explain what a digital certificate to someone without a strong IT background I like to compare it with a seal ring, like the ones used in medieval times of Western countries. These seal rings had two functions: Identify the holder. Because […]

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How to get CISSP Certification

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is an information security certification granted by organization (ISC)2. FAQ What are the typical roles that apply for this certification? Roles that may apply for this certification: Chief Information Security Officer Chief Information Officer Director of Security IT Director/Manager Security Systems Engineer Security Analyst Security Manager Security Auditor Security […]

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How to check which Devices are connected to a Network

Do you thing an outsider is using your network?   How to see which Devices are connected to a Network Method 1: Check it from router For this method, you need to have access to the router, and know its credentials. Then, you need to find out your internal router address while in your network. […]

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How to determine the Version of a USB Stick

  Identify USB Stick Version visually Coming to USB 3.0 pen drives, you’ll see a prominent difference from the USB 2.0 and older drives, with USB 3.0, USB-SS or USB Super Speed usually written on the pen drives. Also, the connector will most likely be blue in color, which is representative of a USB 3.0 […]

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How to change Codecs used on a Video File

This post explains how to convert a video file to use different codecs. This can be useful, for example, where a given video player is unable to play a video with a specific codes.   How to check which Codecs are used on a video file Open video file with VLC media player, go to […]

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DVD Player Norauto NS-16309HIR

NS-16309HIR, NS-VID 16309 or Norauto Sound NS-16309HIR is a DVD player that is sold in Norauto car repair shop, that is a popular chain store set in many European countries and Argentina and that belongs to the French group Mobivia. The only recognizable brand that is associated to the device is Norauto; there is no […]

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How to maintain ISACA Certifications

There are different certifications issued by the professional association ISACA. These certifications have a limited validity period that, nevertheless, can be extended. This post summarizes ways to maintain and renew ISACA certifications. The post tries to generalize the common validity requirements of these ISACA certifications: CISA CISM CRISC CGEIT CSX-P CDPSE ITCA CET   Frequently […]

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How to maintain CISA Certification

CISA (Certified in Information System Auditor) is a certification issued by professional association ISACA. This certification has a limited validity period that, nevertheless, can be extended. This post summarizes ways to maintain and renew CISA certification. The information may also apply to all these ISACA certificates: CISA CISM CRISC CGEIT CSX-P CDPSE ITCA CET If […]

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