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List of Linux Package Managers

This post explains different type of Linux package Managers.

List of Linux Package Managers

List of Linux packages:

  • apt-get
  • Snapcraft


apt-get is shorten as apt.

It appeared in 1998, and it is related to Debian packages. It makes use of .deb packages.

A deb package contains only the data for its own application. In case that the application requires other packages (i.e., there are dependencies), the other packages will be automatically download and installed before the app. This operation would be recursive for each package involved.

Because of the use of dependencies, apt-get packages are smaller than snap packages.

apt is present in most Linux distributions.


Snapcraft is shorten as snap.

snap packages are related to Ubuntu, and they are not compatible with all Linux distributions.

snap packages are standalone. This packages includes all dependencies. Because of this reason, snap packages are heavier.

Because there are no dependencies between packages, snap packages are easier to create than apt.

The installation and uninstallations are usually cleaner.

If you want to get more information about how to create a snap, check this link.

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