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Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain

This post lists some cybersecurity conventions or events that are celebrated in Spain.

List of Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain

Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain, in order of recurrency:

  • RootedCON
  • JNIC
  • C1b3rWall
  • Securmática
  • Navaja negra
  • STIC CCN-CERT Conferences


Madrid, Spain.

Yearly in March.

It is probably the biggest cybersecurity event in Spain.



JNIC (Jornadas Nacionales de Investigación en Ciberseguridad), organized by INCIBE.

It is celebrated in a different city in Spain each year.

Yearly in June.

It is focused on research on cybersecurity.



Ciberwall, stylized as C1b3rWall and also called Congreso de Seguridad Digital y Ciberinteligencia (in English, Cyberintelligence and Digital Security Congress).

Escuela de Policía Nacional, Ávila.

Yearly in June. Since 2021.

It is organized by the National Police of Spain (Policía Nacional) and Institute of Forensic and Security Sciences (Instituto de Ciencias Forenses y de la Seguridad) from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).



Madrid, Spain.

Yearly in October.

Navaja negra

Albacete, Spain.

Yearly in October.

STIC CCN-CERT Conferences

Madrid, Spain.

Yearly in December.

Organized by CCN-CERT.


Sites listing cybersecurity events in Spain


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