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How to record yourself Presenting a Presentation using OBS Studio


OBS (Open Broadcast Software) Studio is an application to record.

Step-by-step procedure

1. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation

Get ready a PowerPoint presentation or similar.

2. Download and install OBS Studio

You need to install OBS Studio, in case you have not do it before.

Download it from this link.

Double click on installer to proceed for installation process. Follow instructions in installation wizard.

3. Open OBS Studio

Run the application.

4. Add your webcam to OBS Studio

Right-click on the black screen, select “Add” > “Video Capture Device”.

In the following dialog, select radio button “Create new” and click OK.

In the “Properties for ‘Video capture device’”, you must see your own image from the webcam in preview. Click on “OK” if everything is fine.

Adjust the size and position of your webcam capture in the screen.

5. Add your display to OBS Studio

Right-click on the black screen, select “Add” > “Display capture”.

In the following dialog, select radio button “Create new” and click OK.

In the “Properties for ‘Display capture’” dialog, select a Capture Method that creates a Droste effect in the preview image.  If the preview image is a black screen, the value selected in “Capture Method” is not correct.

In my case, I had to change default value “Automatic” in Capture Method to “Windows 10 (1903 and up)” to make it work.

Open your PowerPoint presentation, and show it in fullscreen mode.

6. Perform recording

Go back to OBS Studio and click on “Start recording”.

When you are finished, click on “Stop recording”.

7. Retrieve videofile

Recording is automatically saved in the folder that is set up in OBS Studio.

To find what is the current video folder, go to OBS Studio > Settings >> Output > Recording Path.

The default value in Windows is C:\Users\youruser\Videos

8. Crop video

You may want to crop the beginning and the end of the video where you start clicking on OBS Studio and prepare everything. Or maybe add some post-production.

If this is the case, use a video editor to crop and/or edit the video.


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