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Virus Maker Tools

List of virus maker tools:

  • DELmE’s Batch Virus Generator
  • JPS Virus Maker Tool


List of virus maker tools

DELmE’s Batch Virus Generator

DELmE’s Batch Virus Generator is a virus creation program with lots of options to infect the victim’s PC such as formatting C: drive, deleting all files in Hard Disk drive, disabling admin privileges, cleaning registry, changing the home page, killing tasks, disabling/removing antivirus and firewall, etc.

JPS Virus Maker Tool

JPS Virus Maker tool is used to create the own customized virus. There are many options in build in this tool which can be used to create the virus. Some of the features of this tool are auto start, shutdown, disable security center, lock mouse and keyboard, destroy protected storage, and terminate windows.


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