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List of Android Hacking Tools

List of Android Hacking Tools

  • NetCut
  • zANTI
  • Network Spoofer
  • DroidSheep
  • LOIC

List of Android Hacking Tools


NetCut is a Wi-Fi killing application that allows the attackers in a network to identify the target devices and block the access of Wi-Fi to the victim’s devices in a network.


Network Spoofer

Hacking networks.


Session hijacking.

Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC)



Private web surfing through Tor network.


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I studied Computer Science at University of Salamanca. Since then, I have been working first as developer and then as SAP consutant. This blog is about problems I dealt when using computers, and more important, the solutions I found. Whenever I am on an issue and suddenlly I have a flash that leads me to a solution, I document my discoveries in a post.
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