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First steps on Microsoft Teams

Why using Microsoft Teams?


  • Free video and/or audio calls
  • Screen and control sharing
  • People not in team can join calls
  • Integration with Skype
  • Share files using Microsoft SharePoint
  • Plan tasks and goals using Microsoft Planner

Access Microsoft Teams

Instructions to access Microsoft Teams for installed applications or web browsers.

Desktop PC

Native applications


Download from:


Installation does not requires administrator authorization.

macOS X

Download from:


Installation requires administration priviledges.


Microsoft does not provide an official native application for Linux for the time being.

Discussion about Linux native client

However, there are alternatives from third parties:

ivelkov / teams-for-linux

Download releases from the following link, for example the .deb file:


leftstick / teams-ubuntu

Electron wrapper for the web portal.
Download Ubuntu installer:


Web browsers

Most web browsers are compatible with Microsoft Teams:


Configuring Chrome or Chromium to Microsoft Teams

If you need videocalls functionality, only browsers compatible with WebRTC are supported.

WebRTC browsers:
* Chrome
* Chromium
* Firefox
* Opera
* [(full list)|]

Mobile phones


Teams is available for Android and iOS and is downloable from the official stores.


Google Play link:



App Store link:


Web Browser

Teams web can be accessed from any modern browser.

* Again, if you need videocall functionalities you need a WebRTC browser, as for example:
** Android
** Chrome
** Firefox
** Opera
* iOS
** MobileSafari/WebKit
* [(full list)|]


About pmgallardo

I studied Computer Science at University of Salamanca. Since then, I have been working first as developer and then as SAP consutant. This blog is about problems I dealt when using computers, and more important, the solutions I found. Whenever I am on an issue and suddenlly I have a flash that leads me to a solution, I document my discoveries in a post.

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