MasterTrad USAL, 2020-21
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Admission and Enrollment


The University of Salamanca sets various entry deadlines, one generally in April/May, and others in June, July or September.

Preregistration through the online platform (available in Spanish) is already available. Admissions deadlines are: 4th of April, 10th of June, 9th of July, and 17th of September. Preregistration is compulsory and it can be done even when someone does not meet the minimal requirements demanded for the access (for example, students currently enrolled in their last year of undergraduate studies).

As in past years, admission to this Masters is highly competitive and it is normally completed by the end of the third deadline (9th of July).

Access examinations will be called two weeks prior to each admission date. Provisional admission dates for 2019-20 are 25th of March, 28th of May and 2nd of July.

Official notifications of admission will be made via the computer application for preregistration (available in Spanish) and enrollment will also be completed online (auto-enrollment). Admissions lists will be also published on this page.

Admissions list, May 7th, 2018 (available in Spanish)

Admissions list, July 10th, 2018 (available in Spanish)

Admissions list, July 24th, 2018 (available in Spanish)

Admissions list, October 10th, 2018 (available in Spanish)


Specific deadlines to formalize the enrollment will be communicated to admitted candidates. In most of the cases, students will complete their enrollment online (auto-enrollment) (available in Spanish).  Admited people can complete their auto-enrollment in any of the timeframes enabled to complete it, as long as there are still available spaces on future admission and enrollment timeframes.

Oficial prices are determined by Castilla y León Council and are yearly published.

For any questions, contact the Director of the Master’s, Daniel Linder, at the following email address: mastertrad@usal.es.



*Please, note that even if the information in this website is available in English, courses are taught in Spanish.

**Translated by Collin Reyman, Lara Pastor Minuesa, Marta Urzainqui Dueñas and Vidushi Jhamb (Master’s in Translation and Intercultural Mediation, 2018-2019 students).

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