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Mario Hernández Ramos
Perfiles clásicos y novedosos del Derecho Constitucional
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Who I Am


Welcome to my website! My name is Mario Hernandez Ramos and I am a professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Salamanca.

Convinced that we all can add to this “Universitas” which we are part of, I have decided to share with you professional information about me, from teaching to research results, selecting also the resources and means that I use daily in my research and study, such as databases, legislations and case law browsers and open access legal journals, both Spanish, and European and international open access.

My teaching and research, and the direction of the Master in Democracy and Good Governance have shaped my three main lines of research: admission of resources and overload of  courts engaged in protecting fundamental rights; public accountability and access to public information; and fundamental rights and the Internet, among other topics such as classical Islamic Law and Multilevel constitutionalism.

Besides this website, you can find my main publications in Academia and Dialnet. My number ORCID is 0000-0003-3869-192X and my ResarchId is B-4510-2016.

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