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CFP: “Necro- and biopolitics of HIV”, Somatechnics special journal issue.

Resultado de imagen de activismo vihSomatechnics presents a thoroughly multi-disciplinary scholarship on the body, providing a space for research that critically engages with the ethico-political implications of a wide range of practices and techniques. The term ‘somatechnics’ indicates an approach to corporeality which considers it as always already bound up with a variety of technologies, techniques and technics, thus enabling an examination of the lived experiences engendered within a given context, and the effects that technologies, technés and techniques have on embodiment, subjectivity and sociality.

Fully double-blind peer-reviewed, Somatechnics seeks contributions that present innovative examinations of the interplay between bodily being and the technological context in which it occurs. The journal publishes articles and special issues on topics such as the (soma)technics of racialization, ‘terror’, movement, spatialization, size(ing), reproduction, consumption, gender, medicine, information, gaming, film, nation, globalization, ecology, bioscience, law, sexuality, family, education, health, visuality and ancestry.

The issue will focus on how HIV is imagined and constructed in the contemporary social, historical and geo-political context. We are especially interested in articles that focus on the necro- and biopolitics of HIV.

We welcome articles that reimagine HIV patienthoods; activist mobilizations; dis/continuities of risk discourses and affectivities of HIV; and the temporalities and corporealities of HIV embodiment.

Submissions should consider how racist, heterosexist and nationalist anxieties and melancholies co-construct the somatechnics of HIV, as well as the geopolitics of HIV. Additionally, we are interested in articles that explore HIV activism and their discursive and material assemblages. The politics and pedagogies of HIV activism includes, but is not limited to unlearning endeavors that consider the affective life of HIV and prejudice, lust, passion, sex, intimacies and so forth. Finally, we welcome articles that theorize the somatechnics of life in the time(s) of HIV.

Date: 1 March 2018
Organiser: Edinburgh University Press

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