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“AG About Gender – International Journal of Gender Studies”: call for paper technology and gender.

AG About Gender, International Journal of Gender Studies is a peer-reviewed international journal which aims to represent a reference point for scholars, academics and non-academics engaged in research and reflection on gender, with an interdisciplinary view. AG intends to enhance the dialogue between interpretative approaches and different analytical perspectives. AG is published every six months in Italian and English and proposes either theoretical and empirical original articles, essays and papers (see also Section Policies).

AG About Gender accepts contributions on any topic from any field, provided both their theoretical and empirical analyses are based on a conscious and articulated gender perspective. The capability of utilizing the gender category as a key to the analysis of social, historical and cultural phenomena is in fact a crucial element in the evaluation of the received papers.

AG is an international Journal, online only, which aims to stimulate the debate and encourage the international dissemination of published contributions. The access to contents is free but subject to compulsory registration. The registration aims either to monitor the accesses and to provide information to registered users.

AG About Gender, International Journal of Gender Studies is partner of Sociologist for Women in Society and ATGENDER.

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Edited by: Rita Bencivenga (LEGS-Laboratoire d’études de genre et de sexualité- CNRS/Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis et Université Paris Ouest), Francesca Bosco (United Nation Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), Susanna Pozzolo (Università degli Studi di Brescia).

Gender is pervasive in our societies, and, therefore, it also influences technology. The male monopoly over technology and the technological incompetence of women were initially seen as important factors for maintaining inequalities and creating new imbalances between the two genders.
The goal of the curators of the ninth volume is to collect contributions that allow for investigation and solicit reflections and discussion of the relationship between technology and gender. Particular attention is devoted to new technologies and their ability to shape the world, exploring the various implications of different approaches: philosophical, sociological, bioethical, political, and legal, just to name a few.

The papers must be written in one of the two languages – Italian/English – in which the journal is edited, and sent within the deadline of the 30th September 2015.

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