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“Queer praxis”: una colección de trabajos que indagan sobre la articulación de lo queer en el mundo social.

Goltz, Dustin Bradley; Zingsheim, Jason (eds.): Queer praxis: questions for LGBTQ worldmaking. New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien: Peter Lang, 2015. XIV, 274 p. ISBN 978-1-4331-2822-6.

 Book synopsis

Amidst rapid advances of mainstream gay and lesbian platforms, questions of essential sexual identities, queered rituals of family, queered notions of intimacy, queer considerations of time, and the possibility and value of queered systems of relation are largely absent. Resisting the public face of a normative and homogenous gay and lesbian community, and embracing a broadened conception of queerness, this book brings together 29 writers – a diverse community of scholars, lovers, and activists – to explore queer theory and embodied experiences within interpersonal relations and society at large. Enacting a critical intervention into the queer theoretical landscape, the book offers an alternative engagement where contributors centralize lived experience. Theoretical engagements are generated in relation and in dialogue with one another exploring collectivity, multiple points of entrance, and the living nature of critical theory. Readers gain familiarity with key concepts in queer thought, but also observe how these ideas can be navigated and negotiated in the social world. Queer Praxis serves as a model for queer relationality, enlisting transnational feminist, critical communication, and performance studies approaches to build dialogue across and through differing subjectivities.


Content: Jacqueline M. Martinez: Human Contingency and Freedom: A Response to«Queer Praxis» – Dustin Bradley Goltz/Aimee Carrillo Rowe/Meredith M. Bagley/Kimberlee Pérez/Raechel Tiffe/Jason Zingsheim: Introducing Queer Praxis: Coming to Queer Love Jason Zingsheim/Dustin Bradley Goltz/Kimberlee Pérez/Aimee Carrillo Rowe: Queer Love: The Politics, Poetics and Performances of Queer Relations Robert Gutierrez-Perez: Brown Fingers Ran Down Mindy Fenske: Queer Assemblages: How to Queer a Wedding?Scott Dillard: Let Me Queer this Union for You Kimberlee Pérez/ Jason Zingsheim/Aimee Carrillo Rowe/Dustin Bradley Goltz/Daniel C. Brouwer: Queer Love: Normative Shame and Queer Temporalities Dustin Bradley Goltz: Belinda and I Ragan Fox: My Mother, The Love Guru Gust A. Yep/Ryan Lescure: The Practice of Normativities in Everyday Life Charles E. Morris III: Queer/Love/Yawp: Meditation Aloud Dustin Bradley Goltz/Kimberlee Pérez: Gloria and Matthew Aimee Carrillo Rowe/Raechel Tiffe/Dustin Bradley Goltz/Jason Zingsheim/Meredith M. Bagley/Sheena Malhotra: Queer Love: Queering Coalitional Politics Dustin Bradley Goltz/Kimberlee Pérez: Postcards from the Edge Jennifer Linde/Belle Edson: Strategies of Queer Mentorship: Cats in Hats Colluding in the Academy Dustin Bradley Goltz/Kimberlee Pérez: Exchanging Letters Frederick C. Corey/Thomas K. Nakayama: Coalitions and Collisions Meredith M. Bagley/Kimberlee Pérez/Raechel Tiffe/Dustin Bradley Goltz/Jason Zingsheim: Queer Love: The Limits of Anger and Decorum Dustin Bradley Goltz/Kimberlee Pérez: I Know I Am Supposed To Timothy Oleksiak/Raechel Tiff: Queering the Ear: Listening Queerly to Anger and Decorum Jacqueline Taylor: Breaking Silence Bryant Keith Alexander: On Weddings, Resistance and Dicks: Autophotographic Responses to Questioning the Limits of Decorum Raechel Tiffe/Meredith M. Bagley/Jason Zingsheim/Kimberlee Pérez/Dustin Bradley Goltz: Queer Love: Futurity and Potentiality Ann Russo/Francesca Royster: Stone Soup: Building Community, Creating Family – The Expansive Possibilities of Queer Love Ragan Fox: Gray’s Anatomy Craig Gingrich-Philbrook/Jonathan M. Gray: The Marriage Thing Dustin Bradley Goltz/Kimberlee Pérez: Staying Ugly Jeffrey Bennett/Isaac West: Tomorrow Be-longs to Us Ragan Fox: FrasF Dustin Bradley Goltz: Gay Weddings: «What Next?» and «What Else?».

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