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Queer Teachers, Identity and Performativity: una colección de trabajos sobre profesores LGTBQ.

Queer Teachers, Identity and Performativity

Harris, Anne; Gray, Emily, M. (eds.): Queer Teachers, Identity and Performativity. New York (etc.): Palgrave Pivot, 2014. 172 p. ISBN 9781137441911.

What do we mean when we talk about ‘queer teachers’? Do we mean self-conscious subjects who understand ourselves as ‘queer’, educators who do queer work within our professional lives, or do we mean that we, as researchers, read the experiences of our teacher-participants as subjects who perhaps perform queer? The very term is problematic. The authors here grapple with what it means to be sexually or gender diverse and to work as a school teacher within four national contexts: Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the USA. Interrelationality remains central to academic discussions about education and identity, subjectivity and criticality. Queer teachers must live these truths, and as scholars of queer education we must be led by them. This new volume offers academics, educators and students a provocative extension of this pivotal topic for a broad audience of those engaged in contemporary education today.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Marked Presence/Unremarkable Absence: Queer Teachers, ‘Identity’ and Performativity; Emily M. Gray and Anne Harris

1. Trans Teacher Experiences and the Failure of Visibility; Anne Harris and Tiffany Jones

2. Reframing Queer Teacher Subjects: Neither in nor out but Present; Tania Ferfolja

3. Teachers and Civil Partnership: (Re)producing Legitimate Subjectivities in the Straight Spaces of Schools; Aoife Neary

4. Out in Britain: the Politics of Sexuality Education and Lesbian and Gay Teachers in Schools; Naomi Rudoe

5. Every Child Matters, Pink Shorts and Bullying: LGBTQ Teachers and the Location of Difference within Schools in England; Emily Gray

Conclusion: Extravagance and Equity: Queer Tensions in Education; Cris Mayo

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