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Research group on simulation of magnetic nanostructres
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Our research group belongs to the Department of Applied Physics of the Faculty of Science at the University of Salamanca. We investigate spin dynamics in ferromagnetic nanostructures by means of computer simulations. The simulations are based on the theory of micromagnetism, an appropriate framework to describe magnetization on the nanoscale. We are interested in a variety of systems, such as spin valve nanopillars, magnetic tunnel junctions, metallic nanocontacts, ferromagnetic nanostrips, etc.


  • 18/11/2013: Two PhD positions available in our group starting March 2014, both of them funded by the European Commission through the WALL Initial Training Network (PITN-GA-2013-608301). Applications via WALL website.


  • 23/09/2013: WALL kick-off meeting took place in Torino on September 26-27

Recent publications

  • Current-driven domain wall motion along ferromagnetic strips with periodically-modulated perpendicular anisotropy
    L Sánchez-Tejerina, Ó Alejos, V Raposo, E Martínez
    Journal of Applied Physics 123 (22), 223904 (2018)
  • Current-driven domain wall motion based memory devices: Application to a ratchet ferromagnetic strip
    L Sánchez-Tejerina, E Martínez, V Raposo, Ó Alejos
    AIP Advances 8 (4), 047302 (2018)
  • Current-driven domain wall dynamics in ferromagnetic layers synthetically exchange-coupled by a spacer: A micromagnetic study
    O Alejos, V Raposo, L Sanchez-Tejerina, R Tomasello, G Finocchio, …
    Journal of Applied Physics 123 (1), 013901 (2018)
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