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An Interdisciplinary Journal of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Communication

Revista Interdisciplinaria de Traducción, Interpretación y Comunicación Intercultural


CLINA publishes articles and reviews within three focal areas: 1. Translation, 2. Interpreting and 3. Intercultural Communication. All accepted articles and reviews undergo double-blind review.

We publish two monographic issues per year. These can be of two types:

  1. Monographs specifically focused on currently topical issues (see our Calls for Papers)
  2. Monographs centered on one of the three focal areas mentioned above.

Reviews of publications related to the three focal areas mentioned above are welcome.

Please submit all articles and reviews through the Clina journal platform (

Volume deadlines:

Issue 1 (June): 31 March
Issue 2 (December): 30 September


Article review process

1. Guest editors propose a group of reviewers for the issue.

2. Guest editors receive the proposals for articles.

3. Guest editors check whether an article falls within the scope of the issue.

4. Journal editors choose the reviewers, which may or may not be part of the group proposed by the guest editors.

5. Reviewers add comments to the articles and submit their texts to the OJS platform.

6. From the OJS platform, anonymized review comments are submitted to the authors.

7. Authors add any necessary changes and submit the corrected text to the OJS platform.

8. From the OJS platform, the corrected version is submitted to the guest editors.

9. The guest editors verify that the suggested changes have been implemented. To do so, they have access to three documents:

- The author’s original proposal (step 2)

- The anonymized reviews (step 5)

- The corrected version (step 7).

If appropriate, guest editors approve the article.

10. Guest editors submit the article with their approval to the journal editors.

11. In the event of conflicting opinions, journal editors will have the final say in the matter.


About Clina:

Periodicity: Two issues per year

Length of articles: 6,000-8,000 words (all inclusive)

Length of reviews: 2,000-2,500 (all inclusive)

Languages of the journal: English and Spanish

For further information, contact the editors:


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