Química del Estado Sólido, Materiales y Catálisis Heterogénea

Research aims

Layered double hydroxides These materials, also known as anionic clays, represent a large family of highly interesting compounds both naturally occurring and synthetized in the laboratory. Essentially basic, they are used as catalysts, catalyst precursors, anion scavengers, and also find applications in Medicine, to host drugs for controlled delivery. We have mostly studied these materials possessing transition metal cations (oxidizable ones in some cases) in the layers, and we have also studied systems with polyoxometalate anions in the interlayer space. We are currently investigating their role as polymer additives (composites) and as precursors for ceramic pigments.

Heterogeneous photocatalysis Removal of pollulants from water is one of the most outstanding problems in contamination studies. Such a removal can be accomplished by the use of doped titania, given the photoconducting properties of this material, and its fine modulation upon addition of dopants.

Catalysis by oxides Metal oxides are very versatile solids, active in many different catalytic processes with special industrial interest. We aim to prepare new metaloxides (or alternative routes to prepare them), and to characterize them, to be used in different catalytic processes

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