Julio Pindado



Selected Published Papers rated 3* and 4* at the ABS 2009

“Trade Credit during a Financial Crisis: A Panel Data Analysis” (With R. Bastos). Journal of Business Research, 2013, 66: 614-620.

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Selected Published Papers with an impact factor 

“The Effect of Ownership Structure on Underinvestment and Overinvestment: Empirical Evidence from Spain”. (With C. de la Torre). Accounting & Finance. 2009, Vol. 49, No. 2, pp. 363-383.

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“Financial determinants of intangible assets·”. (In Spanish) (with B. Lozano and A. Miguel). Revista de Economia Aplicada , 2001. Vol.  27, pp.63-81. 

Other Selected Published Papers

“Panel data: a methodology for model specification and testing”, (With I. Requejo).  in Finance volume of Wiley Encyclopedia of Management, (in press).

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