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CFP: “Trans Youth in Education”, Sex Education special issue.

Guest editors:
Dr. Jen Gilbert, Associate Professor, York University, Toronto
Dr. Julia Sinclair-Palm, York University, Toronto

Sex Education is pleased to announce a call for papers for a special issue of the journal on the topic of Trans Youth in Education.

Research about trans* youth in schools has tended to focus on the persistent bullying, discrimination, and harassment they face at school. However, trans youth also spend most of their days in schools; it is where they grow up, make and lose friends, fall in and out of love, experiment with and claim their multiple identities, and negotiate and challenge social norms. While it is important to recognise the challenges trans youth face, discourses that position them as always at-risk provide a limited framework for understanding their lives and contribute to a social context that views trans youth as deficient. In response, this special issue invites papers that consider a full range of experiences of trans youth in schools. Papers may focus on the experiences of trans youth or issues, policies, curricula, programmes, or legislation that impact their lives in school, including: policies and programmes that protect the rights of trans students; the intersection of trans identities with race, class, religion, disability, sexuality and other social identities; the proliferation of trans identities in schools; or the role of family in supporting trans students’ success.

*We use the term “trans” in this Call for Papers as a way to acknowledge, describe, and include the multiplicity of trans experiences, including, but not limited to, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and non-binary.

Instructions for Submissions

The deadline for submission is July 1, 2017. Manuscripts should follow Sex Education‘s formatting guidelines, which are available on the journal homepage under Instructions for Authors.

While you may wish to discuss a paper informally with one of the special issue editors in advance, please submit your paper through our online submission and review site.

Please make sure your paper is clearly marked for consideration for inclusion in the Trans Youth in Education special issue. All papers submitted will undergo the standard peer review process.

All inquiries can be emailed to Jen Gilbert ( or Julia Sinclair-Palm (

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