C. Dionisio Pérez-Blanco
Departament of Economics and Economic History
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Over the last 5 years (4+ of which in Italy) I have published 18 scientific papers in major international peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journals, 9 of which have already more than 10 citations according to Google scholar (excluding self-citations), for an aggregate JCR 5-year Impact Factor of 45.2. Given the interdisciplinary and integrated nature of my research, I have been focusing on publishing in the best specialized journals within JCR Q1, including Environmental Modelling and Software (5-year Impact Factor-IF: 5), Ecological Economics (4.2), Journal of Hydrology (4), Agricultural Water Management (3.4) and Water Resources Management (2.4). I am first (9) or second author (6) in 16 of my publications, most of which have been produced without the involvement of my PhD supervisor, demonstrating a promising track record of independent research.


Latest publications:

-Rey, D., Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Escriva-Bou, A., Girard, C., Veldkamp, T.I.E., 2018. Role of economic instruments in water allocation reform: lessons from Europe. Int. J. Water Resour. Dev. 0, 1–34.

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Gutiérrez-Martín, C., 2017. Buy me a river: Use of multi-attribute non-linear utility functions to address overcompensation in agricultural water buyback. Agricultural Water Management, 190, 6-20.

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Koks, E., Calliari, E., Mysiak, J., 2017. Economic impacts of irrigation-constrained agriculture in the lower Po basin. Water Economics and Policy, 3(4).

-Gómez, C.M., Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Adamson, D., Loch, A., 2017. Managing water scarcity at a river basin scale with economic instruments. Water Economics and Policy, 3(4).

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Gutiérrez-Martín, C., 2017. Water buyback in agriculture: what can we expect? European Water, 59, 261-268

-Mysiak, J., Pérez-Blanco, C.D., 2017. Rischio Assicurato. Equilibri 2, 291-306.

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Standardi, G., Mysiak, J., Parrado, R., Gutiérrez-Martín, C., 2016. Incremental water charging in agriculture. A case study of the Regione Emilia Romagna in Italy. Environmental Modelling and Software, 78, 202-215.

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Delacámara, G., Gómez, C.M., 2016. Revealing the willingness to pay for income insurance in agriculture. J. Risk Res. 19, 873–893.

-Mysiak, J., Pérez-Blanco, C.D., 2016. Partnerships for disaster risk insurance in the EU. Nat Hazards and Earth System Sciences 16, 2403–2419.

-Santato, S., Mysiak, J., Pérez-Blanco, C.D., 2016. The Water Abstraction License Regime in Italy: A Case for Reform? Water 8, 1–15.

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Delacámara, G., Gómez, C.M., 2015. Water charging and water saving in agriculture. Insights from a Revealed Preference Model in a Mediterranean basin. Environmental Modelling and Software, 69, 90-100.

-Surminski, S. Aerts, J.C.J.H., Botzen, W.J.W., Hudson, P., Mysiak, J., Pérez-Blanco, C.D., 2015. Reflections on the current debate on how to link flood insurance and disaster risk reduction in the European Union. Natural Hazards, 79(3), 1451-1479.

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Gómez, C.M., 2014. Insuring water: a practical risk management option in water-scarce and drought prone regions? Water Policy 16(2), 244-263.

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Thaler, T., 2014. An input-output assessment of water productivity in the Castile and León Region (Spain). Water 6(9), 929-944.

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Gómez, C.M., 2014. Drought management plans and water availability in agriculture. A risk assessment model for a Southern European Basin. Weather and Climate Extremes 4, 11-18.

-Gómez, C.M., Pérez-Blanco, 2014. Simple Myths and Basic Maths About Greening Irrigation. Water Resources Management 28(12), 4035-4044.

-Gómez, C.M., Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Batalla, R.J., 2014. Tradeoffs in river restoration: Flushing flows vs. hydropower generation in the Lower Ebro River, Spain. Journal of Hydrology 518(A), 130-139.

-Pérez-Blanco, C.D., Gómez, C.M., 2013. Designing optimum insurance schemes to reduce water overexploitation during drought events: a case study of La Campiña, Guadalquivir River Basin, Spain. J. Environ. Econ. Policy 2, 1–15.

-Gómez, C.M., Pérez-Blanco, C.D., 2012. Do drought management plans reduce drought risk? A risk assessment model for a Mediterranean river basin. Ecol. Econ. 76, 42–48.


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